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Key Information

What: Research talks on operads, their applications, and related topics.
When: 11 August, 2020. 00:00 UTC – 23:59 UTC.
Schedule: Full schedule is available here
Where: Talks were streamed live on Zoom and Twitch.
Registration: Closed.
Organizers: Philip Hackney, Geoffroy Horel, Marcy Robertson

Schedule and Program

The main page for the program and schedule (including abstracts) is here.


Other information

About Operads

Operads are abstract algebraic structures which encode multilinear structure. They arose in algebraic topology in order to address problems of homotopy coherence, but since the nineties they have found applications throughout mathematics. This includes in deformation theory, mathematical physics, algebra, and combinatorics.

If you're new to operads, the organizers quite like the following resources:

Statement of Values

We strongly believe in fostering an inclusive community. This conference is open to anybody who would like to come, and we ask that everybody is thoughtful and treats each other with respect. We subscribe to Eugenia Cheng's Manifesto for Inclusivity, which we encourage everyone to read.

Institutional Support

We are grateful for the support of the Mathematical Research Institute MATRIX.

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